Sunday, January 27, 2013

2-Way Backpack

As a backpack

 As a sling bag

2-Way Backpack

This backpack was love at first sight! The soft pleather material, the bucket draw-string style, and the oh-so-cool colour :) I've used this bag ever so gently because I loved it so much. You'll never want to take your hands off the bag because it's just so soft! Able to fit your school books & small netbook/laptops. 1 huge compartment + zipper pouch inside & 2 pockets at the front where you can keep little notebooks/pens/keys etc. Super cute backpack!

Height: 40cm
Width: 35cm
Side width: 14cm

Our Price
(bought it for RM50+)


Little wear&tear at the strap part. Not really noticeable.  

Also, another defect. But nothing a little sewing can't fix ;)
(I apologize beforehand because I really can't sew!) 

The bucket draw-string for the main compartment + zipper pouch inside :)

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