Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Multi-tiered Top

Multi-tiered Top

Measurements: *email us!*
Size: Free. Would fit nicely for UK12 until UK16.
Descriptions: When I first saw this, I know I just had to get it in my hands. I was at the tuition centre, waiting for my teacher to come, and this top attracted me like no other! Seriously. I almost screamed excitedly when I saw this, and I immediately contacted the seller. When I got it, I was pretty sad. This top is defected :( And the worse part is that I can't sew! You can check out the defected areas in the pictures below (these are the ones that I found, I don't know if there's any where else defected.) Well, the good news is that if you have little basic sewing skills (which I don't have), you can fix this defects in no time! Parts defected : at both ends of the stretching band, and on the second layer of the tier (this can't be seen because it is hidden underneath the first layer of the tier). I think everything else is okay. And there's a cute ribbon too! and it's not detachable. (please forgive me because I don't know how to iron clothes too, I don't think I will pass to be a housewife,lol) Nonetheless, I find this top cute ;)
Reason for selling: Needs money! and cannot sew (sad case!)

Our Price

Buy another apparel and get this for RM10 only!

The defected parts! NOT FOR FUSSY BUYERS!